Westfield wanted to remind their customers that they had the best fashion in the country. Our campaign was a tv commercial with the Nina Simon sound track, it was turned into bus backs and store wide print campaign. The idea that fashion is a state of mind and when you are in your element everything lights up for you. This to date stands as the best campaign Westfield has ever done.



Until 1976, a pair of bronze mermaid sculptures sat atop Big Rock at the northern end of Bondi Beach. Bondi Advertising created an initiative, to revive these greatly revered seaside icons. ‘Message in a Bottle’ was a part-real, part-virtual installation featuring 3D digitally rendered mermaid sculptures.

Through Augmented Reality, the sculptures could be viewed in bronze, marble, wood and even red jelly via specifically created iTunes and Android Apps. Simply by aiming the smartphone or tablet at digital markers embedded in the bottle, the Bondi Mermaid would appear on screen and in situ. This image could then be captured and shared directly via social media.



CompareTV syndicated PayTV and streaming services to allow consumers to make informed subscription choices based on price, genre, director and other important groups.

33BONDI created a classification system, using the supplied IMDB api, to ensure structure information is consistent. This system was built on Google App Engine and Google Cloud SQL providing a scalable and cost effective architecture.

The main site is wordpress, residing on WP-Engine, offering CompareTV PaaS services (backups, support, easy deployment and upgrades) allowing CompareTV to concentrate on business differentiators, not technology.

Streamly.com.au, utilises the classification API to create a Netflix type experience, when searching for content across differenet providers and distribution models. Customers are then redirected to a PayTV or streaming subscription which aligns with their interests and technology requirements.